Creating a Digital Legacy

First, obviously, you must choose what you want to preserve. Then get help. As mentioned on the previous page, there are many services for digitizing your movies and videos. If you can't locate them directly in the yellow pages (or by searching online), ask your local photography store.
        You can even do it yourself. Choose the digital medium (currently, best is DVDs and a hard drive). Make plans for preservation by maintaining the data (periodically testing and updating if necessary). Even if you're a computer novice, there are independent devices that will copy your VCR tapes to DVD disks. And it doesn't take much computer know-how to use a similar (and less expensive) device to copy tapes to your hard drive (or burn DVDs).
        But your options don't end there. Go online and look up the Association of Personal Historians. Many of their members (use their search engine) can not only provide digital formats but can help you with services including transcription, editing, classes, preservation, multimedia — and even web sites.
        And more. Believe it or not, even the government can help.

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