First, the Institute has and will continue to conduct research regarding the ethical, legal, and social implications of digital immortality, and to publish that research at conferences and on its website. In addition, the Institute will research the digitization of individuals and the presentation of the same on the Internet.

DII, like any organization, has underlying assumptions. Making those assumptions explicit is the province of philosophy. One recent philosophical investigation clearly supporting DII's assumptions is the theory of the extended mind. Our research will examine that philosophical approach.

Our reseach into digital immortality began in the late 90's. The formal origin was a poster session presented here in Tucson at T2002 (the conference known as Toward a Science of Consciousness). That poster session can be seen here. The topic expanded into a full paper can be seen here. Other related web pages can be found at Origins of Digital Immortality, including a personal journey at this page.

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