Continuous steps, where gaps are infinitely divisible, such as real numbers.

Autonomous human-like device.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine possessing the ability to perform actions implying intelligence.

Self-operating machines.

Biological immortality
Perpetuating genes through continuity instead of replication.

Circular reasoning
See Circular reasoning.

See Continuity of.

Continuity of Consciousness
See Self.

Extending life by freezing those dying from disease until a cure is found.

Discreet steps, such as the gaps between whole numbers.

Digital Immortality
The selfplex perpetuated in a digital medium. (LF)

Information Valet
Helps users cope with information by a) knowing what is available, b) assisting you with access, and c) keeping track of your information interests and acquisitions. (LF)

1. An element of culture that may be considered to be passed on by a non-genetic means, esp. imitation. (OED) 2. Replicator for transmitting a unit of culture. (LF)

A system of memes united for mutual advantage. (SB)

Humans extending life spans through biological immortality. (LF)

Device performing tasks planned by humans.

One-way immortality
Preserving and transmitting your ideas, i.e., communicating to the future. (GB)

See Consciousness.

A memeplex functioning within a human. (SB)

Religious term expressing belief in an eternal self.

Soul Bank
Selfplexes digitally stored waiting for instantiation either as interactive entities of the online community (digital immortality), or as physical entities of the offline community (robots). (LF)

Two-way immortality
Allows the digital "you" (whole or part) to communicate with the future in the sense that artifact continues to learn and evolve, i.e., endless experience and learning. (GB)

Turing test
An attempt to determine indirectly whether a conversationalist is human or machine.


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LF: Lee Frank

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