A Critique of Mind Augmenting Technologies

Mission Statement

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The goals of the Digital Immortality Institute are to:

  1. Examine the ethical, legal, and social implications* of digital immortality**, and related endeavors, through investigation, conferences, and public forums.
  2. Advocate the practicality of digital immortality through the creation of digital personas preserving the thoughts, images, and writings of individuals.
  3. Research the digitizing of persons and their presentation.

* These include the five dimensions of Data (copyright), Access (the computer gap), Interaction (Artificial Intelligence), Presentation (broadband vs. modem), and Time (media obsolescence, e.g., browsers).

**Gathering a person's data and making it accessible to the world, using the best available interactive presentation of a digital persona forever.

  1. Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications
  2. Digital Personas
  3. Research

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